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We can compare Medicare plans for our patients in 2 minutes

-We have the fastest Medicare Part D plan comparison program to clearly show our patients their monthly costs, doughnut hole, and enrollment options.

View therapeutic alternatives on formulary

-We show the full reimbursement and formulary coverage for therapeutic alternatives so you can tell right away what is covered and what restrictions a drug may have.


We provide our patients with great Medicare services
-We sit down with our Medicare patients and provide consultation services such as help with Medicare plan comparisons.

Reasons to use our free Medicare Consultation Services:


1.  10,000 people are turning 65 every day!  Patients have 3 months before their birthday and 3 months after to enroll in a Medicare plan. We can be right here helping you navigate the maze and help you find a preferred network that best suits your individual need.


2.  If a patient’s plan does not cover a drug (for instance, Nexium) 

the iMedicare program shows us therapeutic alternative drugs (in the same class) that are covered by that plan. This saves everyone countless hours on the phone with each insurance company asking what drugs are covered and what copay the patient will pay in each case.

3.  Dual Eligible patients (Medicare and Medicaid) can enroll any time during the year.  We can check who is a dual eligible on iMedicare and then look at ways to save the patient money. 


4.  iMedicare tells us what drugs are covered by each plan and if there are any restrictions.  So there are no surprises when filling the medication.


5.  Here are 7 other reasons someone can change plans outside of AEP (Annual Open Enrollment):

  1.   They recently moved from the service area of their plan.

  2.   They live in a Long-Term Care Facility (e.g.: nursing home, rehabilitation hospital)

  3.   They recently lost coverage they had previously from an employer.

  4.   They want to enroll in a 5 star plan

  5.   They have been on disability for 2 years.

  6.   They receive any sort of extra help (not just Medicaid, but    other assistance as well)

  7.   They recently returned to the US after living abroad.